Handmade Canned Foods:
Palluzzi & Bartolucci S.r.l.

Specialized in the production of canned foods in oil and vinegar.

For 40 years Palluzzi and Bartolucci are specialized in the production and Handmade canned foods, in oil and in vinegar.
This particular market in the last years in Italy has been negative, but not for Palluzzi and Bartolucci. Eventhough, the enormous crisis during the last few years, our company continues to work a lot, thanks to our high quality products, totally made in Italy and appreciated all over the world.
We sell our products through direct and indirect channels all over Italy, but also in Europe, Canada, Cameroon, Thailand, Germany, Philippines, French West Indies, Dubai, Brazil, etc.
Tommaso Bartolucci , personally buys the raw materials and supervises the production progress; with his wife Margherita Palluzzi who takes care of the production quality. She controls step by step the preparation and packaging of the food. Sara the daughter, takes care of the administration part and every day monitors the business relations with the clients and suppliers.
The selection of the raw material is essential to guarantee the quality of the finished product. Choosing the best suppliers is very important. You can’t go only by the price list. For the best quality many factors have to be considered:

  • The quality of the raw material for preparing canned foods.
  • The reliability of or suppliers to whom we ask for vegetable freshly picked (daily).
  • The cost has to been proportional to the quality.
  • Delivery of raw material on time.

Our company’s strategy is to guarantee a high quality product, this is very important for us. Besides the preparation, preservation and packaging of our vegetables in oil and vinegar, in our factory in Priverno (Latina) we also produce vegetable spreads , Artichokes, hot peppers, eggplants, peppers, olives and distributes fish products, like sea salads (mixed fish), marinated anchovies, etc.
We offer a wide range of products in oil and our “Top Product” is fresh grilled artichokes, worked only fresh.
Very appreciated in Italy and abroad due to its particular taste, which remains crunchy and seasoned. The production of our vegetables have different stages, from the cleaning of the raw material to the cooking, aromatic baths to drying, canning, lid closures, washing, pasteurization, and in the end labeling and storage.
Most of these steps are done by hand, but it’s normal today to use new technologies which helps to speed up the production.
For this reason, and also for the substantial increase of production in the last year, we have extended production line with other machines “oil filling” and lid closing machines”, an investment which will improve our production without interfering with the company’s philosophy of Totally Handmade Canned Foods.

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